Virtual fax: an inexpensive and necessary anticipation

Communication is power because it makes things easier and makes it possible to generate business and money. But this principle does not only apply when it comes to upgrading and accessing new technologies. In fact, businesses that implement some old communication devices can be very profitable. This is the case of the virtual fax, which allows to make provisions, mixing the new with the not so new.

Some technology market statistics indicate that the fax is far from extinct. Not even the Internet or smartphones have been able to completely take this device out of circulation. It is commonly believed that this technology was left behind in the eighties and nineties. However, in countries such as Japan, the United States and Spain itself it is still widely used. Below, you will see why it is important to be able to use this device and an innovative way to take advantage of its benefits.

What is fax and how can it be virtual?

virtual fax

The fax machine was the device that came closest to what smartphones do today in the early 1980s, when the Internet was just being born. Basically, this device is a combination of a scanner, a modem and a printer. In this way, images can be copied and sent using the telephone line and, in fact, a receiver number is needed to be able to send the reproduced image.

To tell the truth, there are still many people, businesses and companies that keep their old fax machine, or invest in a new one. Understanding this, it is important to be able to send and receive faxes to be able to exchange documentation and negotiate with those who still use these devices. The question is, do you have to buy one of these huge devices to be able to do this? The answer is of course a definite no.

There is now a way to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. To do this, you only need a telephone number that is usually used to have this type of equipment and any email. This service is known as virtual fax and links the technology of the past with that of the future. From here on, you only need to have an Internet device to send and receive faxes. Without a doubt, this is a very useful solution and gives customers more options.

Why is it important to have the virtual fax?

In principle, the virtual fax allows to establish one more way of communication for those who prefer to use this old technology. In this way, a person located anywhere can send his documents in case of any negotiation or contract signing. For example, the buyer of a telephone equipment could send his ID card to buy a telephone line. Similarly, companies can send information.

In Spain the figure of the burofax continues to have a transcendence in the citizens. In fact, many requests to government or public entities must be made by fax. In other words, in some countries it is even a requirement to be able to send and receive faxes. This, of course, is something that any business owner or freelancer should take into consideration.

With this service it is not necessary to buy more devices that generate expenses and take up space in the office. The technological adaptation can be done by simply having a broadband connection. By having the service and entering the fax number of the person to whom a document is to be sent, it can be sent to his or her own device. Better yet, to receive a message by this means, you only need to open the email. If you were wondering, how does virtual fax work? It is as explained above.

Neotel: More than a call center software program

If you are wondering what a virtual PBX is, it is basically a program that allows you to connect the company’s communication, professionalize it and be able to control it in its entirety. At the same time, this software provides small, medium and large companies with marketing tools in order to motivate higher income. For sure, this is a technological solution that is present in the most successful companies worldwide.

The best thing about Neotel’s virtual PBX is that some of its add-ons are very inexpensive. With us, the virtual fax service costs only 8 euros per month. This is just one of the advantages that far outweighs traditional software call center programs. Contact us in case you have any questions.