Digitize your business with the Virtual PBX

What functionality can our virtual switchboards provide in your company?

From Neotel we offer a safe and optimal service. Our virtual pbx is constantly updated and receives improvements frequently so that each day that passes is more adaptable to the needs of all our customers.

5 benefits of virtual switchboards

This type of solution implies:

1. It is customizable and scalable

It is possible to decrease or increase the functionalities of the switchboard according to our needs.

2. Efficient communication

This type of telephone system improves not only the communications with our clients but also the internal ones at company level.

3. Greater availability

The hiring of this equipment provides the company with 24/7 coverage.

4. Avoid additional overhead

By not having a person in charge of a physical reception, additional costs are also avoided.

5. Saving money and time

It is a profitable and effective technology. In reality it is like having a worker 24 hours a day pending the telephone communication of our company. With the virtual pbx they improve internal and external communications of the company.


virtual pbx

The need to digitize

In a time of so much competition, digitizing our company is an important advance to try to stand out. Hiring the virtual switchboard for your business could boost sales. From Neotel our solutions are focused precisely on this, that companies get to sell more and better.