Revolutionize your company’s Telephony with the Virtual Switchboard

The services offered by the virtual pbx are very varied.

The advantages of the virtual switchboard over the traditional ones

Scalable: The services contracted in a virtual pbx can be reduced or increased according to needs.

Easy to use: Managing a virtual switchboard is very simple because it can be used from any device. You only need to have an Internet connection in our device.

Saves costs: Whether to SMEs or large companies, with the virtual switchboard there are always savings. With virtual switchboards, unlike as with physical switchboards, there are no costs of any kind of maintenance or initial investment costs or installation costs.


virtual pbx

Improves the image of the company: The facilities granted by the virtual switchboard make the image of the company vis-à-vis the outside notoriously improve. Reduced waiting times get customers to get a better impression of our company.

Phone number portability: Allows you to transfer the phone number from one company to another. This was impossible before with the physical switchboard.

With the virtual switchboard you get great advantages that would otherwise be unfeasible

The virtual switchboard is an advanced telephony system for businesses and which is accessed simply through a web.

Virtual switchboards offer more advantages than physical switchboards.