Premium Virtual Call Recorder: a legal coverage

Today’s companies must comply with an increasingly stringent set of legal regulations. The two legal instruments that generate the most work are those related to data protection and consumer laws. Having a Premium virtual call recorder service is useful for companies to cover themselves against the law.


call recorder software for companies

The Premium virtual call recorder allows backing up all calls from the customer service department. However, beyond this, which is very positive, hiring the virtual PBX has another enormous legal and technical advantage.

Physical PBX: the company is responsible

Companies with physical PBXs have always reported multiple technical problems and considerable economic losses. To all this technological effort must be added the adaptation of the work to the legal changes that occur over time. For example, when a new Data Protection Law comes into force, directives and templates must be changed.

Even when the laws contemplate a period for legal adaptation, the process can be difficult. In fact, this happened not long ago in Spain and many companies still pay heavy fines that in some cases lead to bankruptcy. The issue of data protection is now central and the costs for a small error are substantial.

The advantage of acquiring a virtual PBX service and its recorder is that all data is safeguarded by the company that rents its software. In other words, the contracting companies take a load off their shoulders and also have a team of experts in this type of subject matter. Of course, companies such as Neotel – to name but one – are fully adapted to the legal change.

Virtual Premium Call Recorder and the consumer

The Virtual Premium Call Recorder also allows you to comply with the requirements of consumer protection laws. If, for example, a customer complains that he received bad service, the calls are always saved to verify if it is true. If it is true, the company can simply make the necessary corrections to compensate the user.

The Premium virtual call recorder is always a backup and also allows for better service. Unfortunately, not all communications companies offer full call recording services. That is why you should always check the complementary services that are attached to this type of contract.

Many companies that offer their call center software service guarantee a few months of recordings. By hiring a high performance recorder you are guaranteed to have an extensive backup of calls that although it may not seem very useful. The best thing is that if it is a virtual PBX everything is stored in the cloud.

The most advanced telecommunications companies have really amazing services. However, many times managers do not take the time to choose the best option. If you have a company, always remember this: information is power.