The WebRTC line: Remote work now possible

The world of the future means that companies need to look to remote work as a solution. It’s not just the present circumstances that make it so difficult to develop a traditional work life. Everything points to the fact that today’s and tomorrow’s workers will not have to leave their homes to do their jobs. In this reality, the WebRTC line is central from any point of view.


webrtc line

Since the advent of the WebRTC line, human communications has reached its peak of development. This technology has left traditional telephone lines and the SIP protocol behind. Many are still unaware of its benefits and that is why migration has not happened in some companies.

WebRTC line: Why are they so efficient?

WebRTC Line is an open source technology developed by Google in the last decade. Basically, it allowed several media companies to build Internet-based media. All that is needed to communicate with others is an installed softphone and the authorization to use it.

The softphone is nothing more than the call center software used to make calls, video calls and record them. In the past, companies had to control a telephone line service and pay a lot of money to telecommunication companies to maintain communication. In fact, WebRTC line-supported services are much more convenient, sophisticated and cost-effective.

This is quite logical because communication via the Internet is cheaper than that supported by telephone lines. It is much more expensive to pay for a phone call abroad, than to simply make contact via Internet and even with video included. The best thing is that everything works and is supported over the Internet.

Why is WebRTC Line ideal for remote work?

WebRTC Line is also much better than the virtual PBX based on SIP protocol. Although the latter works with a data network, it requires a very expensive infrastructure to maintain. Many companies in the past two decades have invested in servers, equipment, maintenance and employees to support their communications.

With the WebRTC line, all of this is stored virtually in the cloud. In addition, the service is simply outsourced to an expert company such as Neotel and everything is handled by their engineers. The only thing that the employees of the contracting company must do is to have a profile and log in to the softphone.

This is why it is only with the WebRTC virtual PBX that remote or remote work can be done successfully. Any management can be done as long as there is internet, but with this system the work is also controlled. A company can perfectly realize that its employees are keeping their schedule even if they do it in the comfort of their home.

Remember that all data, management and connections are recorded in the cloud. A customer service department can operate at full capacity with its entire payroll active in different areas of a country, or abroad. For all these reasons, it is important that companies make the leap to this technology, which is not very difficult either.