Do you want to know what is the best option for your business? We present the Software Call Center

Discover why Neotel is the best option for call center software for you. Learn more about our professional projection. Learn about the main features of Neotel’s call center software.

The qualities of our call center software are very varied. Here in this post we want to inform you about some to stand out for its importance:


And with «greetings» we refer to the welcome locutions, with which through a pre-recorded message we will be informing our clients about what we want. This option is a very good option since it gives us the possibility of reporting on highly relevant details, or other types of content such as business hours, closing days for holidays, information related to the activity our company is engaged in. , etc.

Transcription of calls and statistics

A possibility and characteristic of the Neotel call center software that serves to measure everything related to our calls, both outgoing and incoming calls. And it is that for any company it is of vital importance to know this information. Without a call center software like Neotel we will be failing to obtain valuable data for the growth of our business.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

This is for the typical call situation in which a phrase is played that offers us a menu with options (To speak with Marketing press 1 … To speak with Address press 2 … To speak with department X press 3 .. .). Here the client will press the appropriate option and that is where the ACD comes in, which will solve this by transferring the client to the agent / department. suitable. From the panel of Neotel it is possible to configure or assign each of our agents a role so that the system is then able to find out to which agent to transfer each call.

Would you like to know everything you need to know if our Call Center Software is the most suitable for your company? At Neotel we are only one telephone call away! (Or to a single message through our LiveChat, or to a single email away, or to a single WhatsApp message, or to a single email through our form, etc. What are you waiting for? expert of the Neotel Call Center Software?)

Neotel’s Call Center Software is web-based. This means that counting only with an Internet connection, whether from tablet, computer or mobile, through the user and password that Neotel provides, we will be connecting with our user panel. Everything ready to work.

Cloud-based call center software

The most important difference between Neotel’s call center software and the others is that with Neotel, the entire system is hosted in Neotel’s virtual cloud. What does this mean? Well, the client forgets Technicians, maintenance of physical machinery (hardware) and hire experts to manage the application.

It’s time to get rid of that old call center software that is not working for you. It is time to make the leap to the Cloud

A call center software allows you to receive and make calls effectively. When buying between a physical one and one hosted in the cloud … It is not possible since there is no comparison! The cloud software for call centers of Neotel uses the most advanced technology to exponentially boost your call center.