Why your call center should use a CRM

CRM systems help organize all the information related to Marketing, customers and their own call center more effectively. Using the Neotel CRM, the call center companies of the world have it easier to achieve objectives. There is nothing more reliable for managing customer relations than using a CRM like Neotel’s.

If in your company you are already using VoIP technology, then what you need is to have a CRM that is integrated into the virtual switchboard, just like our CRM does. In addition, if your call center already has its own system of work tools but need a virtual switchboard that works, Neotel puts at your disposal the integration service with third party software where you yourself and with hardly any knowledge you can, following some simple instructions that we will send you, integrate the Neotel switchboard with your own software that you use in your company. And if you need help during installation, just contact us.

Discover the Neotel CRM solution

Surely before working with Neotel CRM you have felt that sense of frustration due to the lack of control of the information you perceive within your company. Thanks to Neotel, you can have the most advanced CRM available and that adapts to your needs, at a much lower cost than you can imagine.

No Customer, Sales or Marketing department is held today without using a CRM.

Call Centers are companies with a very high movement in terms of information and dealing with customers. Maybe sometimes we do not stop to think about how to improve the day to day in our call center or look at what tools are there that can help us achieve our goals. Using the Neotel crm we guarantee to work as efficiently as possible every day.