Control for your business with Neotel CRM

With Neotel CRM you are taking a comprehensive solution to control your business.

At Neotel we are very specialized in Telecommunication systems in general. However, companies with their communications are nothing if you do not have software that is able to manage all this information, compile it on the same platform, and that is easy to use, affordable and 100% functional. And it is right here where our CRM integrated with the PBX comes into play.

At Neotel we work very hard every day to be able to give you this CRM today without comparison. We have listened to our clients, annotated their requirements and needs, and analyzed the general CRM sector, to now know that our call center tools with CRM are unique.

Companies that need to be in constant communication day and night with their customers and that have an extensive client portfolio, are the most suitable for the use of Neotel CRM. However, this does not mean that CRM is a tool created for large companies. SMEs benefit in the same way with the use of this tool.

A call center company that is considered serious and respectable, surely uses Neotel’s CRM to manage its entire business.

Our call center tools platform works through modules that, as extensions or addons, are configured as the best virtual switchboard currently available.

We are convinced that with our software your company is going to take off in style

If you wish, request a budget now without any commitment. We will inform you about the Neotel CRM. You can see a free demonstration of how it integrates with our virtual switchboard. It is a 100% system hosted in our cloud so you do not have to worry about anything.

Reduce times, save money, … Is not this what we are all looking for? Well, Neotel is the answer to all your questions. You just have to request a free demo. Honestly, you have nothing to lose. And we are sure that you will be delighted.

The star tool of Neotel is its CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Integrating our switchboard with the CRM has been the best of the successes.

Under the same platform. All the power of unified CRM and hosted in the cloud

Contact us Before you can imagine you can be taking advantage of our tools.