100% Scalable Cloud Contact Center Solutions

These are some of the reasons that our customers tell us why they chose Neotel over other alternatives:

  • Access to a wide range of valuable features.
  • Neotel solutions are suitable for companies with 1,000 employees as well as companies with only 5 employees.
  • All rates are transparent.
  • Be able to stop using the service at any time and without having to justify the reason.
  • There are no obligations of any kind.

Neotel’s call center tools are the only ones that the client is the one who decides at all times the use he wants to give them. This means that our tools are 100% scalable to the particular needs of each client. Why pay more for things we don’t need later? With Neotel’s cloud contact center software, you choose how much you need and what you are going to pay for. We, as your business telecommunications operator, offer you our full range of products. But you choose only what you need.


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A scalable call center system will handle any possible situation.