Sales and marketing tools for your SME: the virtual PBX

Quality and speed of care; This is the magic formula to increase the user experience and improve sales.

Not having a physical location but having a virtual pbx can be the image change your business needs. The customer who feels served by a company that has many extensions thinks that it is something important and great and this produces security.

No doubt the improvement in the user experience is the main advantage of a virtual PBX.

Improve the user experience with the virtual PBX

Thanks to the virtual switchboard we take care of Computer Technicians forever and ever. The virtual switchboard is extensively configurable according to our needs so it becomes a powerful tool.

With the virtual switchboard in your company, the number of unanswered calls is reduced considerably.

Effective and controlled

Providing good telephone assistance helps to promote a more professional image about our customers.

Improve your personal image thanks to the Neotel virtual switchboard

The switchboards help the entrepreneur and his company to grow. Expanding and reducing the number of extensions is very easy. You can configure your virtual PBX with as many extensions as you need.

Flexible growth

With the virtual switchboard we save on both time and money. Gaining productivity and mobility thanks to the virtual switchboard is possible, with Neotel.

The virtual PBX is cheaper than the PBX.

It’s easy to understand why more and more companies are moving to the virtual switchboard.

Save costs and time with the virtual switchboard

Multiple advantages for SMEs

The utilities of virtual PBXs in SMEs are many. The service they offer allows them to offer the best telephone service to the customer. Highlights of advanced virtual PBXs:

– Fax in your email
– Multi-Conference
– Call queue
– Call diverting via the VoIP PBXs
– Voicemail
– Autoatention, you can configure it personally from our panel

Multitude of configurable options

Neotel is responsible not only for the programming and commissioning of the service, but also for the resolution of possible incidents, security and maintenance.

The Neotel virtual switchboard is the most advanced system of telephone communication between the company and customers, and also among employees. The entire system is housed in the Neotel cloud.

Functional PBX PBX

Today in this article Neotel wants its followers to understand the advantages of the virtual switchboard against the traditional and obsolete physical telephone switchboards.

The virtual switchboard has been established as the best system to have in all types of companies, whether large corporate or small and medium enterprises.

It is a market like today so highly competitive for your company, it is necessary to stand out over others. And with Neotel and its switchboard is now possible.