Monitoring: the key to efficient customer service

Having a customer service department goes beyond installing telephones and computers. Nor is it about following protocols and educating operators in an introductory course. In fact, training and job monitoring must be constant in this type of work. Monitoring is precisely the technological and educational tool that call center coordinators have at their disposal.


monitoring virtual pbx

To monitor a call or a telemarketer is to control the attention with the objective of improving it. Of course, it is impossible to be present on each call, evaluating each worker in real time. But the features of the virtual PBX, together with the call recorder, make it possible to know what each operator in the company is doing.

Monitoring makes it possible to establish a quality call center.

Many companies do not pay much attention to what their operators do during the working day. This may be because they focus on offering a massive service, or because they are unaware of the value of monitoring. For sure, operator attention is a fundamental part of the company’s image. Poor customer service generates a bad reputation, and once it becomes generalized, the losses are considerable.

This whole process of degeneration of the company’s image can be halted with a little control. Monitoring makes it possible to listen to what operators say and do. It does not matter whether this is done in real time or by recording, because it is always possible to know what the worker’s strengths and weaknesses are. Once the problems are identified, each individual is evaluated and helped to do his or her job better.

Monitoring is different depending on the call center software or plan offered by each company. It is important to have a virtual call recorder with sufficient storage space. This way, the records that are monitored and evaluated are much more abundant. Companies should contract services with versatile modules such as the spy and whisper, offered by Neotel.

Virtual PBX: monitoring wherever you are

The best thing about combining the monitoring module with the telework PBX is that monitoring goes beyond the office. As long as everything runs on the same call center software and is hosted in the cloud, the call center will work from anywhere in the world. Management control is also a fact of life even over long distances.

There are many solutions that allow work and its monitoring to continue at home or remotely. For example, there is the possibility of having a WebRTC line or mobile softphone. All operators will need is a device with an Internet connection to work. This is one of the great advantages of adopting new technologies in business communication.

Management control is still possible because everything is stored on the Internet. In other words, it is no longer necessary to have operators in an office to monitor them. Coordinators can continue to evaluate their progress and improve the quality of service.