videollamada y videoconferencia en la nube

Businesses use video calling and video conferencing in the cloud

The times when face-to-face office meetings were necessary have come to an end. Video calling and video conferencing in the cloud have become common forms of communication. Realities such as the COVID 19 pandemic and the rise of telecommuting have expanded the use of online media. Certainly, the advantages of these systems over telephone or e-mail are hard to ignore.

Face-to-face is still well valued but video calls demonstrate high efficiency in the work environment. Issues such as absence from work and adherence to schedules are no longer a variant that weighs on productivity. Video conferencing makes it possible to bring together entire work teams regardless of the location of their members. Therefore, it is important to orient these communication tools towards the company’s goals.

The rise of video calling and videoconferencing in the cloud


videoconferencing and videocalling in the cloud

Several pollsters and consulting firms report high percentages of use of cloud-based video calling and videoconferencing platforms. At the enterprise level, there are data that support the good reception of WebRTC online media. Productivity, cost, versatility and focus are aspects that are gained from these communication formats.

The perception is that video calls strengthen social relations in the environment and bring dynamism. Employees no longer have to stay in the office outside the limits of their schedules to plan or complete work. Everything can be done at home, from work to meetings. Of course, this also increases the quality of life for individuals.

There is also a notion in many companies that video calls allow them to keep their focus on the essentials. Using this medium seems to generate more focused exposures to work planning and execution. The incorporation of video is an element that allows much more dynamism in presentations. It is an element that has made it possible to overcome the limits of the telephone call.

Other advantages of the use of videoconferencing in the company

A great advantage of video conferencing in the cloud is that it is recorded. This way, employees can go back to the meeting and check any remaining questions. The best part is that everything said is recorded and available for later verification.

The mere fact that the conferences are stored in the cloud is a plus. Participants never have to use up the storage capacity of their own devices. The only problem with the social networks that are becoming popular for offering these services is that they are either expensive or have limits on their use or storage.

For this reason, specialized videoconferencing modules or software should be contracted. Companies that offer virtual switchboard as Neotel also have plans to ensure this type of online media. Those companies that have innovative call center software can also integrate this type of system. This will be an investment that will have a positive impact on productivity.