Video Calling and Video Conferencing in the Cloud: Professional Communication at your fingertips

Cloud-based services are on the rise, from simple storage to being the basis for communication with colleagues, customers or friends, so video calling and video conferencing in the cloud is a very good option to bring together a large group of people to showcase your product, service or business idea

Benefits of video conferencing in the cloud

There are multiple benefits to using cloud-based video calling from IP calls at the cost of local calls to large group meetings, whether it’s a senior management meeting or a new product launch

Video calling and video conferencing features in the cloud

This service managed and offered by Neotel is designed so that companies, freelancers and professionals can hold meetings with two or more attendees connected in a secure, easy, economical way through the use of the internet where they can obtain the same results as in face-to-face meetings.

What is the video call and video conference service?

It is the free service, without software installation and compatible with all operating systems offered by Neotel to make video calls or video conferences in the cloud simply by having a terminal that has a camera and connects to the Internet.

You can organize video conferences from anywhere and with any connected device.

Video calling and Neotel cloud video conferencing can connect virtually any device with video functionality (computers, laptops or mobiles) in a single video call.


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Benefits of Neotel’s cloud-based video calling and video conferencing

  • They are ideal for daily videoconferences or video calls.
  • Video conferences reduce the risk of communication errors
  • They have become one of the most appreciated collaboration solutions in companies from many sectors.
  • Unsurpassed safety, performance and support
  • Easy generation of video calls or video conferences
  • Fácil generación de videollamadas o videoconferencias
  • Chat interno
  • No need for external programs

Videoconferencing in the Neotel cloud


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Virtual meetings don’t have to be a hassle: users choose when and how to connect.

The easiest way to participate in audio, video or web conferences from your computer, mobile phone or room system.

Neotel Video Calling and Cloud Video Conferencing: the digital meeting space that gives you the flexibility to meet via audio, video or web, your way, whenever you want.

Videoconferencing in or out of the office

Regardless of the size of the company, you will be able to meet face to face with whoever you want, wherever you are, regardless of geographical or economic limitations. This totally free service incorporated into your virtual switchboard will offer you the possibility of interconnection in a simple, professional and economic way.

Any user will be able to participate in the video call, regardless of the technology, provider or region where they are.

Maximum ease of use

Neotel’s video solutions enable the connection of video conference rooms, computers and mobile devices.

Connect employees, customers and partners with video calls provided by Neotel.