Remote customer service: a benefit of the mobile PBX

Having a call center no longer implies maintaining an office, with strict schedules and the like. Technological progress makes it possible to have teleoperators anywhere in the world with all the advantages that this implies. For this, you only need to count on an essential and even economical ally: the mobile pbx.


mobile virtual pbx

Today’s telemarketers can attend from the comfort of their home using their Smartphone. Today’s cell phones have everything needed for not only efficient but also controlled management. From these devices it is possible to put customers on hold, transfer them and use softphone functions.

Remote teleoperators: What do they need?

The virtual PBX is the most advanced communications technology and is possible thanks to the WebRTC Line and cloud services. We are talking about a softphone that no longer requires internal networks or large processors. Everything you need to operate is in one program with a user-friendly interface.

The great advantage of virtual call center software is that it can be operated from any location. The important thing is to have a device that allows us to establish communication and Internet access. In this sense, the mobile PBX is simply one that adapts and works on cell phones.

Instead of having a computer with programs, devices and headsets with microphones, everything works from the Smartphone. This makes it possible to hire people who work from home, regardless of their location. The advantage of this is in making payrolls cheaper in multiple ways.  One of the leading companies in the provision of the mobile switchboard service in Neotel.

Advantages of having remote teleoperators

Serving customers through remote telemarketers allows you to hire at a low cost. The simple fact of not having to maintain a department with physical equipment is a considerable saving. There are companies that have dismantled their physical call centers and have assigned this work to remote, part-time or freelance employees.

This dynamic makes it possible to get the right people almost anywhere in the world. Employment arrangements are now more flexible and advantageous for both the employees and the employer. Work continues even in the midst of difficult junctures because calls can be made from home, or even on the road.

Even board meetings no longer depend on every decision-maker being present at the company’s headquarters. Everything can be resolved via videoconference, providing continuity in the processes. This and much more can be guaranteed by contracting a mobile switchboard service.

Of course, when contracting this type of service we must opt for successful and innovative companies in the field of communication. Not all softphones are the same and the efficiency of this system will also depend on the company’s expertise.  The objective is that the communication is fluid and the new tools at our disposal, optimal.