Practical uses of the robot call in a company

Automated modules are covering almost every area of today’s business. Every day a new tool appears that does certain jobs with just a single programming. Customer service is no exception, and there are entire processes that can be completed without the involvement of a telephone operator. Precisely, the robot call allows to communicate with the user without the use of human resources.

The robot call allows you to compose messages that are then narrated by an artificial voice. A speech is simply written and the system is programmed to launch calls to a list of customers. When the receiver answers the call, it listens to the information that the company wants to notify.  Now… What is the purpose of this functionality offered by the virtual PBX of companies like Neotel?

Let your customers know about new offers and services.  


robot call

The advantage of automating some functions from call center software is that the work is better organized. It does not make sense to direct a group of operators to do promotions, if they are needed to process claims. When the staff is small and the level of incoming calls is large, using the call robot for promotions is an excellent solution.

With the robo call, customers can be informed about special or new offers and promotions. This type of robotic narration can introduce the customer to what’s new in less than a minute. The message can be complemented with the company’s slogan or some kind of empathetic expression with the users.

Another excellent use of the robot call is the promotion of new services offered by the company. This happens very often with telephone companies when they have new plans or rates. In fact, this tool can be used to prepare the customer for the establishment of new prices.

Robot call as a voice for the institutional message

The robot call can also be used to promote a new way of doing business with the company. For example, it can be used to announce the creation of a web page, or a new automated management system for the customer. It is even possible to remind users of the contact numbers in case of any eventuality.

Special contingencies can also be addressed through robot call messages. If there is a technical failure with a service provided or in the call center itself, a narrated notification can be passed on. Any situation that generates discomfort can be notified and this will bring peace of mind to the clientele. In this way, users will know that the company is aware of a failure and that it will work to solve it and compensate those affected.

Any generic message that you want to notify a large group of customers can be communicated through this module. Basically, it is a call launcher but unlike the predictive or progressive dialer, in this one an operator speaks. There are modules that invite the user to press a button to contact the operators. Undoubtedly, this is a resource that cannot go unnoticed.