Why does your company need a Software Call Center?

Workers will be able to connect from any device connected to the Internet and from anywhere. This implies a mobility and flexibility to our company that otherwise would not be possible.

On the other hand, agents will be able to make transfers to other extensions quickly. It will also increase the capacity of the management of the lines.

With features such as the ivr, we notice a maximum intelligence and efficiency to our company.

Neotel’s call center software does not require any initial investment by the client.


With our webrtc lines, companies obtain a series of benefits, both economically and in terms of functionalities.

The value-added services for the virtual pbx and call center software are as follows:

  • Statistics You will be able to know all kinds of details about the duration of calls, which agents attend which calls, volumes of both outgoing and incoming calls, schedules of calls, missed calls, waiting times, and so on.
  • Call recording. Allows to have a record with all the incoming and outgoing calls recorded. By default, in Neotel all our customers when hiring our call center software already have this free call recording service at no cost and active by default. This service has a limitation of two months in the time that the recordings are preserved from your panel. If you want to remove this limitation there is the possibility of hiring the service of Premium Recordings, with no limit on how long your recording is kept. More info: https://www.neotel2000.com/grabadora-virtual-de-llamadas-premium/
  • Voicemail. This feature allows the caller to leave a voice message when they have not been reached, and the agents to listen to these messages. This feature is often used in cases where the caller contacts after hours.
  • Waiting lines. Keep calls waiting with music while agents are inactive or busy with other calls.

Neotel’s virtual pbx and call center software enable Cloud functionalities, allowing companies to increase their productivity, optimise their resources more intelligently and improve customer portfolio management.

webrtc line


It should be noted that with our tools and applications companies are connected to their business 24/7 and from any device with a connection to the Internet: tablets, computers, smartphones, etc. The web real time communication (webrtc) allows communication between two devices with an Internet connection. It is only necessary to have in our device a camera (if we want to use the functionality of the video) and a microphone (if we want to use the functional one of the audio).Neotel is the company of telecommunications directed to companies that offers its services of lines webrtc before any other one.

virtual pbx


Contact us now and ask for the features of Neotel’s virtual switchboard and call center software.

Any company that pretends to control the information of its calls and improve the management with its clients should contract the software for call center.


premium virtual call recorder

Neotel’s call center software is aimed at freelancers and companies that are interested in increasing the optimization and management of their company along with its relationship with its customers.