IVR: Control customer service times

Behind the call center systems we call, there is a great strategy. As a customer, it is difficult to understand all the engineering behind every element that goes into a call to the call center. However, everything is controlled to facilitate the work within the company. In this reality, the IVR is an element that plays a key role. Many people think that calling a company’s call center is extremely tedious. However, without all the elements found in a business call, the experience would be even worse. The best thing is that everything is designed so that businesses and companies can guarantee quality service. This is the great secret of the largest companies in the world.

IVR: Saving time to serve everyone

ivr interactive voice response

Growing companies know how difficult it can be to manage customer service. At some point, dozens of calls will turn into thousands of requests, suggestions, orders and complaints. This is the point at which the virtual PBX stops being a complementary tool and becomes a necessary work element. When calls increase, the work becomes more complex. Even with a fully staffed call center, it is often impossible to deal with all customer requests. For this reason, companies resort to the IVR or Interactive Voice Response system. This is a tool that allows obtaining customer data, guiding them through the options and transmitting some advertising. Added to this is the function of greeting users, which is also important. What customers ignore is that all these elements that they hear until they are attended to by an operator, allow them to save time. While the users who start calling go through all this filter, the teleoperators are attending to other customers who called before. The IVR and the call center’s telephone functions make it possible to better manage call queues. Because, although users may not know it, they are almost always in a queue to be served.

IVR messages manage business calls

VoIP IVR is a tool that saves time in multiple ways. When the greeting is transmitted, the customer service department has a few seconds more to finish with other calls. When the system asks the customer for data such as ID card, the data necessary for the service is obtained earlier. All this means gaining time to attend to all customers and reducing the queue of waiting calls. In fact, one of the functions of the IVR is precisely to reduce the queue of waiting calls. This can only be achieved by stretching the time users spend interacting with this part of the virtual PBX. If all calls were to arrive instantly to the teleoperators, they would often not be able to handle all the demand for attention, in the case of busy companies. In the IVR, everything becomes a legitimate opportunity for telemarketers to save time. Even this part of the system will help people who do not have an important business to deal with to hang up the phone before being attended to. Basically, this system requires the customer to be clear about the reason for his call and to take it intelligently. In this sense, this automated system makes everything more efficient.

Neotel has a modern virtual switchboard

It should be noted that Neotel’s software is one of the most complete, offering solutions of all kinds for companies. VoIP IVR is a central tool for any type of company, but it is only one module of our program. With an innovative virtual PBX you can sell more, organize customer data, make outbound call campaigns and improve your company’s image. For sure, this is a tool that guarantees structure to any business. Our program is inspired by the advanced Asterisk virtual PBX. This is an innovative free software program that has PBX functions. Its last update is from the year 2021 and Neotel has adapted the best of this system to offer our customers the best in business communication. If you have a business and you are interested in the IVR and everything we have prepared for you, contact us.