How to reduce a customer’s call hold time using Neotel’s call center software

Neotel’s call center software features can be used to reduce customer waiting time. Today we are going to explain a very practical method to achieve this.

In some contact centers, waiting times for customers are too high. This can lead to a loss of customers.

When increasing the number of calls in a company this needs an advanced call center software like the one that Neotel offers.


Use a solution of ivr

There are quite a few companies with call center software that are not using their ivr system correctly. In many occasions these are limited to configure it so that it returns the same locution of the type «Your call is very important for us; keep waiting» time and time again. This can cause our customer’s level of frustration to increase all the time. Instead, at Neotel we recommend configuring the ivr in a much more effective way: You can program a series of questions for the ivr to launch to the caller and, according to the answers it gives, the ivr would continue to channel the customer until it is finally transferred to the necessary department if it really needs the intervention of a person to manage their query. Or in many other cases ivr itself is able to manage the entire call itself.