Save yourself hiring a receptionist for your business thanks to Neotel’s IVR

The initial use of all ivr is to identify the needs of the caller at the same time you receive, making a series of consultations where it is the client himself who will give us the information so we know how we can help.

The ivr are usually applied in companies with a significant volume of calls. With the ivr system we make sure we are operational 24/7.

How is it possible that our ivr understands our client’s needs? Very simple, through DTMF dial tones. Here it is the client himself who, by pressing different options on his numeric pad, would be giving the ivr detailed information about what he needs.

In practice we have all interacted with this system at some time. This is when we are asked a few questions to transfer our call to the correct department and we are asked by means of a voice-over to press numbers on our keyboard.

Practically any professional service if it does not need human intervention can be attended in its entirety thanks to the ivr system.




The volume of calls in companies and according to which sectors can become very high. Here, thanks to the ivr, it is possible to route or guide the calling customer until he ends up in the appropriate department to resolve his query.