Why should small businesses use an advanced IVR system?

With an advanced ivr system for our company we are getting a powerful tool that helps us work more on customer satisfaction. The ivr is a system that works 24/7.

1. Affordability

The cost of implementing an ivr system is approximately 1/10 that of hiring a receptionist.

2. Increased sales with remarketing

Companies can use an ivr system to advertise their own products and services and thus remarket with the intention of generating sales in a passive way.

3. Reduction in the abandonment rate

The latest ivr systems reduce the abandonment rate of our customers in our company. Logically, it is more likely that a client will not leave if, even though all our agents are busy with other conversations, the client is able to carry out all their formalities only via the ivr.

4. Stellar Reputation and 24×7 Availability


ivr interactive voice response

Regardless of its size, the ivr system makes our company look professional. When customers are served by an advanced ivr system they feel that they are contacting a company of a certain ‘size’ and the level of importance is understood.

ivr systems save companies money. How can your company save money with an ivr system? The ivr is a way for our company to remain operational even during the holidays without having to hire extra employees to service the company during the holidays.

5. Improving the quality of first contact

An ivr system is capable of solving simple tasks such as answering simple questions. For tasks that require the intervention of a human person, the system automatically transfers the conversation to an agent.