4 Ways Call Center Technology Improves Any Office

When companies start to worry about collecting all the software necessary for the day to day, they usually remember the crm, the program for managing the company’s accounting, etc.. However, there are other types of tools that any office that pretends to grow really needs to incorporate to its day to day, or if not, this is not going to happen.

Here we’ll show you 4 ways call center technology helps your office:

1. Text Messages

SMS text messaging is the most effective way to be in constant communication with your customers. Whether you need to send an appointment reminder, a promotion or an offer.

2. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

The ivr make the life of the agents much easier. On the contrary, thanks to the ivr, the client, by pressing keys on his terminal, can move forward on what he needs, to finally be transferred and attended by the right person. There is no need to stumble from one department to another and with the loss of time it entails.

3. Dialer

dialer automarcador

Of the dialers used by Neotel that are 3: progressive dialer, predictive dialer and Robot call, we recommend that you watch the following video where Neotel informs about the differences between the three types of dialing.

4. Call recording



The call recording module may seem strange to some people. Why do you need and need to record both incoming and outgoing calls in your company? Well, it’s just a matter of improving the quality of your staff. The only way to improve as an operating agent is with a training that corrects the mistakes that are made. With Neotel’s call recording system this is possible. «What else can I use besides listening to the conversations of my agents?» For security reasons. Surely this is not the first time you have seen yourself in a situation in which a customer claims that he has been given information over the phone that the agent who attended denied. Good. Now with the Neotel call recorder this is not going to be a problem anymore.

Every day companies migrate more and more of their business technology to Neotel’s call center system. But if you are still in doubt about whether or not our telephony tools can be beneficial for your business, here are 4 great reasons to finish deciding.