Voice over IP in the Real Estate sector: a ladder to success

5 reasons why ip voice is the best choice for Real Estate Agents

Ease of management and use

Are you a real estate business? Try voice over IP for your company’s communications now!

The voice ip includes, among many others, these qualities that benefit real estate agents:

  • Call in queue
  • Call transfer
  • Conference Options
  • Reports and Monitoring
  • Call analytics
  • Call recording

In addition, voip telephony allows you to use free numbers for your customers (900 numbers).

The voice on ip is very easy to use and customize. You will be able to configure your voip telephony system according to your needs.


2. Scalability and Money Savings

The ip voice is always cheaper than using conventional telephone systems.



Another advantage of voice over IP is that since it is easier to maintain and the customer doesn’t have to take care of anything here, you save on IT staff.

The ip voice is also very scalable. You can add or remove extensions and phone numbers as you like.


3. Maximum quality

Communication is vital in the real estate sector. Imagine what a mistake it would be if we had coverage or connection problems when dealing with customers on the phone. The voice over IP provides the best possible quality at the moment.

4. Music on hold

Your customers probably won’t be too happy if they have to wait on the other side. With music on hold, it becomes less horrible. The ip voice provides the option to set different music on hold for when customers are waiting on the other side of the line.

5. IVR


900 line

An ivr makes your business sound more professional.

An ivr keeps your customers first and routes them to the corresponding department. If in addition to this we add the option that we have commented previously of Music on hold, the experience of communication between client and company benefits.

To make use of the voice on ip you only need a device connected to a network (Internet network).

A voip system is one that works over the Internet. It does not require any advanced configuration.


premium virtual call recorder

Telephony and voice over IP helps real estate agents as you can see

Every day real estate agents have more tools for their work. From social networks to portals to advertise. The ip voice is the final solution to all the communications of the Real Estate business.

Conventional telephone systems are no longer adapted to the volume of business of the real estate sectors. Not to take advantage of all the advantages that IP voice can offer to your business would be a serious mistake in this case.

Competition is tougher every day and therefore it is important to understand that without initial investment in our business, we will not be able to get very far.