IVR benefits large and small businesses alike

The benefits of ivr in business will vary depending on how it is implemented. However, there are a number of them that are always common to everyone:

Manage high call volume with ease: Neotel’s ivr allows customers when they call to never know if your company is going through a very high call volume at the same time. With ivr your company is able to handle a high volume of calls. Without this, in order to be able to manage such a high volume, it would be necessary to incorporate too many workers with the consequent increase in cost.

Comfort for the client: With the ivr customers will get to deal with the right person to carry out their particular management on the same call.

Customers are also able to contact your company regardless of whether it is a holiday or not.


ivr interactive voice response

Professional image: For small businesses the ivr system works to allow them to mask the actual size of the company. When a customer calls us, they will have no way of imagining how small or big we really are.

Cost reduction: One of the reasons why companies adopt the ivr system for the first time is the expectation of cost reduction.

  • Companies can entrust the system for routine tasks and leave the Technicians and Specialists for the most important tasks.

IVR is an interactive voice response system with which this same system is capable in an «intelligent» way of dealing with customers’ own tasks, without the need for the intervention of a human person, with the corresponding cost savings that this means.