Definition IVR and benefits

With this article in our blog, at the time of writing, our idea has been to try not only to discuss what are the benefits and what is the ivr, but also to give our readers some tips when working with your ivr system. We trust that they will be of some use to you. Among the advice that Neotel always offers when a customer calls us and asks about the use of ivr, without a doubt one of the most important is: keep it simple. This means, try not to cover excessive levels or very complex configurations. And to understand that the final idea of having an ivr is not to save us completely the need of the operating agent. Rather, it is an aid. But in the end even when we use an ivr system, it will be necessary for the customer to be referred to a real person to speak. However, this does not mean that ivr is not a great help to us. And yes, it is.

Tip: Keep a simple ivr menu above everything else

Thanks to the ivr we reduce costs in the area of telephone customer service.

A well-configured ivr works almost as well as an agent. Our ivr allows you to offer products, promos, services, etc. to customers as if you were a real person.

Automated self-service

The response times achieved by ivr’s systems satisfy customers.

With the ivr we also get an efficient call routing system.

With an ivr in our call center we improve the customer experience.

You will improve the experience with your customers through our ivr


ivr interactive voice response

With the ivr, we decongest the receptionist’s own function in our company.

With the ivr system, your company will attend to a large volume of calls, instead of being left unattended. Even when the receptionist is saturated at times of high call volume, having an ivr, our customers are always attended and we reduce the long waits that, without an ivr system like Neotel, this would not be possible.

Since the ivr will work 24 hours a day, even in hours of high call volume, our company never remains closed.

The ivr is of course not intended to supplant the receptionist’s function. It is more of an addition. Working without an ivr and only with a receptionist in our company will probably stop us from growing in sales for all the reasons we are discussing.

The ivr for small companies helps them to improve their business image. Facing larger companies in size, brings a coherent image to the organization that represents this company, something that always pleases the customer who calls as it is always served.

You can even record a personalized greeting within your ivr system.

With the help of an ivr system customers now have unlimited access to your company.

The ivr systems are always at the disposal of the customer.

Are you thinking about how to improve customer service within your company? Then the solution is the IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system technology that interacts with callers, collects required information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient in particular.