Reasons why you should choose Neotel

Choose your IP Telephony company wisely

Why should I choose Neotel?

1. Higher productivity. Neotel increases agent productivity by eliminating manual dialing.

2. Guaranteed safety. All of Neotel’s ‘brain’ including its personal data is stored in the most secure servers possible, located in Spain and with backup servers. So that you, our client, will never have to suffer insufferable cuts in your company’s communications.




3. Advanced features at your fingertips. Functionalities such as tail CDR, IVR, etc. All, previously exclusive features for just a few. Now with Neotel, within reach of any pocket.

4. Excellent call quality. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your calls when you are a Neotel customer.

5. Affordable prices. Neotel is the most affordable Telephony solution for companies in the whole sector. We have no competition. You can check our prices on our website and if you want you can contact our customer service and we advise you free of charge and without obligation.

Many competing solutions may look similar to ours at first glance. However Neotel is the only solution that adapts to the needs of each client in question so if your business grows or shrinks, your phone system can grow or shrink as well.