How to improve the level of service in your Contact Center?

Here are 5 tips to achieve these goals:

1. Review the planning of the agents

One might think that many times the solution is to hire more agents. However, this does not have to be what solves the problem. Having the working tools intended for call centers as a rule, and when these are adequate, ends up being the most realistic solution.

2. Check that your ivr is effective

From time to time, it would be good if the call center supervisor checked your IVR, to make sure that both the indications and the directions are adequate. Perhaps over time we will find that our IVR system has grown progressively.

3. Announce the waiting time

At Neotel we believe that when a customer calls, he should be aware of the waiting time he will have until he is attended by an agent, so that he can decide whether he wants to wait or not.

Configuring the option that tells customers what waiting time will be until they are attended to drastically reduces the abandonment rate.


900 line toll free

4. Improves call routing management

Smart contact routing is essential to maintain quality of service. By giving special treatment to calls in situations of closed queues or call saturation, as well as by configuring different types of routing for the customer and defining different delivery policies, you will see a significant reduction in the abandonment rate.


5. Divert traffic with smart, digital solutions

Having different communication channels for/with customers, be it chatbots, WhatsApp Business lines, 900 lines or email, makes us more available to our customers. By having all the possible options to communicate with our company, we are giving them the feeling that we are one, in constant contact and communication with our users. Giving options is never a bad thing. You have to open as many doors as you need, never close them. The client likes to know that our company strives to make it easy for us to get in touch with them.