VoIP Business Phone System: Everything You Need to Know

A voip phone system can bring many benefits, most notably:

Conference calls: the ability to generate videoconference calls can speed up the flow of your equipment and / or your commercials.

– Real-time control panel: allows you to monitor the activities of your call center in real time no matter how large your equipment.

– Contact history: a history with all the information regarding all your contacts will always be available, so it will not be necessary to make use of several independent systems. This is where the integration of Neotel’s CRM with the PBX works.

– Personalized music and greetings: Would you like a personalized greeting for your business? With Neotel this is not a problem. You can set up your own personalized greeting whenever you want and in a very easy way.

Call recording: you get all your calls automatically and you can access them at any time and from anywhere in the world.



ivr interactive voice response

What more can you get from a business phone system?

Neotel provides its users with high level features for its corporate voip system: conference calls, ivr, etc.

Voip protocols transform voice into data to transmit it over the Internet.



video conferencing and video call in the cloud

The voip phone system brings more advantages to companies than we might initially imagine. If you need to clarify doubts about voip telephony and how to integrate it with Neotel in your business do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you without any compromise.