IVR: automatic customer service remains in place

The telephone attention at present necessarily requires the resource of the IVR to offer quality. It seems like a lie, but having an automated assistant to guide customers when they contact the company has many advantages. Those who do not have this alternative should think about incorporating it into their customer service system.



The acronym IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. This is a well known complement to many customer services. In fact, almost everyone interacts with this assistant with relative recurrence.

What is IVR?

When a person calls a bank’s customer service department, they often come across the IVR. If an automated operator appears when calling, facilitating the menu and interacting with the customer, we are in the presence of the interactive voice response.

The IVR has different levels of attention depending on the configuration made by each company. In some cases the menu of options is facilitated, but some modules are much more complex. There are quite automated systems that ask questions to customers and even allow them to do the management on their own.

Basically, messages are recorded that follow a route and allow for guidance and information to be given to the customer in an automated way. Having this system offers many advantages to the call center of any business.

What are the advantages of using IVR in customer service?

The work of interacting and driving the IVR yields many benefits. In principle, the interactive voice response is ahead of the operator giving information that the customer requires. Its work of guiding saves users time and unnecessary call transfer. In this way, it is much more feasible for people to successfully contact the right department.

This type of management avoids customer inconvenience and reduces the number of missed calls. Some modules allow the customer to manage their inconvenience, simplifying operations within the call center.

Another of the great advantages of the IVR is that some customer service management can be carried out 24 hours a day. All those operations that can be automated and self-managed by users will always be available.

An easy service to obtain

The best thing about the IVR is that it is quite economical and does not require complicated installations. Companies like Neotel offer it for free with the purchase of the virtual switchboard. No special software is required either: the service consists of simple recordings that are configured quite easily.