Interactive Voice Response IVR: Save while maintaining quality

The services evolve and so does the customer service, every day there are more companies that have a phone system that asks questions and the customer responds by pressing the keys on the phone, that is the IVR interactive voice response system, for its acronym in English, this system will allow you to save a lot of money without compromising the quality of customer service.

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephone system capable of receiving a call and interacting with the human through voice recordings.

It is an automated system aimed at capturing, delivering and answering via the telephone, which allows access to information services and other operations.

Benefits of IVR

IVR systems handle a large volume of calls by providing quality service, interactive voice response system reduce costs and improve the customer experience, because the caller gets the information they need, any time of day without the need for expensive human staff.

Among the great benefits of this technology are

  • Attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Saves user waiting time
  • Improves business efficiency
  • Automates and speeds up the process
  • No additional software
  • No additional costs


How do IVR systems work?


ivr Neotel

People call the business number and an audio menu is displayed that offers the possibility to select options by pressing the keys.

Pressing a key on the phone sends a DTMF tone to the answering system which selects the appropriate action/response according to the digit pressed.

Advantages of the Neotel IVR system

The system is interactive, oriented and customizable that allows communication with the customer to respond to their concerns.

Neotel’s professional services take advantage of its years of experience and expertise in a large number of installed systems

Neotel uses the most modern tools, opinions and techniques to implement, design and develop applications with voice features.

This is a new IVR system that offers the ability to handle incoming telephone inquiries through enhanced interactions, very similar to human ones.

Why Choose Neotel for IVR?


Neotel’s IVR (Interactive Interactive Voice Response) allows almost human interactions allowing self-service and successful resolution of the vast majority of problems.

The service experience is intuitive, being able to anticipate customers’ needs by interacting naturally, in their own words.

It creates a personalized, adaptive and intelligent experience that customers perceive as if they were talking to a human agent.

Automatic queuing

In a practical, efficient and fast way, when receiving a call in queue, the customer is told how many people are in front of him.

In the same way, when the agent receives the call, he indicates the waiting time that the customer has, allowing him to speed up the call for future calls.