2 outstanding features of Neotel’s Software Call Center that shorten time

Earlier in this blog we have already shown how call center software helps to reduce task times and be more productive to companies that use it.

2 ways in which Neotel’s call center helps lighten times in business tasks

IVR (Interactive Voice Response System)

A robust ivr contributes greatly to increasing agent productivity.

Instead of transmitting the call to an agent immediately, the ivr is able to segment them, attending to the first queries from the customer and before transferring the call to the agent and even in some situations resolving them by itself without the need to transfer that call.

The interactive voice response system is the first interaction that customers receive when they call a call center.


Call recording

Call recordings tell call center managers what customers are really looking for.

It also helps call centers better understand their customers.

With call recording, call center managers can monitor when an agent is losing a customer, for example. The recording of a call has a main function in the formation of the agents.

With the right call center software agents can perform the following actions:


  1. Analyze prerecorded calls.
  2. Listen to calls in real time.

If the call center managers want to improve the quality of the attention in the calls they must listen to the recordings of these.


call center software

Neotel offers free of charge for all its clients the module of call recording with duration of 2 months. For customers who want to store their call recordings indefinitely, Neotel offers the premium module of the virtual recorder. More information about this module here: https://www.neotel2000.com/en/premium-virtual-call-recorder/

With these two qualities of call center software companies can more intelligently optimize their times without hindering the customer experience.



premium virtual call recorder

Optimizing the time in the company means reducing it and at the same time that our agents are more productive in less time.



It is important to understand that in any call center, more important than considering how long agents need to be talking, would be to analyze whether that time is really as productive as possible or not.