Signaling: Selective and Dynamic

Having a friendly and close relationship with your customers can be the difference between being successful or being part of the service or product companies, as users see you allow to improve your sales, to improve sales Neotel offers you the signaling module that allows you to adjust the phone number you call from.

What is signaling?

It is a module integrated into the virtual pbx that allows you to modify the telephone number displayed on outgoing calls



call center software

Using a simple code you can access to the use of the same outgoing call number that the customer has for a single extension and for all the extensions of the switchboard

If you wish you can make the use for outgoing calls permanent


It is possible to program from the system so that calls to certain destinations are shown one or another of the numbers.

Advantages of signaling

The appreciation and confidence of the client for being called from a prefix they know, reinforcing the value of the brand and image to the public.


virtual pbx

Possibility of using different prefixes according to the need of each call.

Used with call center software is the best combination to help both agents and customers.