Alert your customers with the robot call

Automation brings great solutions to corporate customer service. For example, call launchers even make it possible to control the management of operators in order to make them more productive. Now even the communication process is automatic, and an example of this is the robot call technology.


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A large part of corporate communication is no longer performed by human employees. This reduces costs, labor effort and improves the company’s image. It sounds like a big deal, but delegating a portion of customer service is nowadays very simple. That is precisely what robot call is all about.

Robot call: reaching customers without picking up the phone

Robot call is a module that distributes mass messages through programming. Basically, its system makes it possible to record the speech and send it to lists of customers simultaneously. In this sense, it could be said that it is an effective call launcher with automated voice.

Being hosted in the virtual PBX, the robot call also allows to collect data on the success of the campaign. In other words, a record of its operations is kept to verify whether users are being reached in the right way. For this reason, today it has become an indispensable requirement for both telemarketing and customer service.

Its task of delivering a message is just the beginning of all the benefits that its use generates at a business level. Today, the robot call also generates facilities for the customer to take an active role in generating feedback. Its system has advanced to generate a channel that facilitates sales and self-management.

Two forms of interaction

It is likely that at this very moment new functionalities are being created for the robot call module. For now, the most advanced automated systems basically allow for two additional functions in addition to the broadcast of simple messages to users. These features can be purchased cheaply from companies such as Neotel.

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The first formula involves sending a voice message and then allowing the customer to participate in an automated survey. In this way, companies can consult users about plans, complaints, level of service and the like. It’s really about giving the customer a say in how the company is viewed by its consumer audience.

The second mode involves giving the message and then allowing the customer to access a menu via the phone’s buttons. There, the person can either fill out a survey or decide to contact a company operator. This is important because it can be the link to a new purchase, the completion of a payment or a management for the user.

In short, the robot call can be a tool that facilitates work or profits for companies. You only have to design the message you want to give and incorporate this module to the call center software. Undoubtedly, one of the best innovations in automation.