IVR: The secret of reliable companies

In the business world, professionalism is synonymous with trust and credibility. Fortunately, entrepreneurs have some tools that allow them to be and look professional, especially in the area of communication. Certainly, one of the most effective elements to achieve this are IVR systems. Almost all the best rated companies have this telephony call center implement. It sounds complicated, but IVR is a system that almost everyone is unconsciously familiar with. When someone calls a company and is answered by an operator who asks for personal information and leads them through the menu of departmental options, they are interacting with this tool. Today, any entrepreneur can enjoy this tool, thanks to the virtual PBX.

How does an IVR work?

ivr interactive voice response

IVR is an interactive response system applied to business telephone systems. When a customer calls, it obtains data from the customer, through a direct interaction that is usually a recorded voice recording. Those who wonder how an IVR works should know that it is a structured and automated system. It is simply set up by default to work when customers call. Of course, to have an IVR you must have a PBX that enables its installation and operation. In the past, physical PBXs were used to unify different telephone devices under which customers were served. However, nowadays neither a call center room nor expensive equipment is needed to have these technologies available. Programs such as Neotel make everything easier for the entrepreneur. The PBX virtual PBX allows any company to have an IVR regardless of its size or whether it has physical offices. Even new entrepreneurs and family businesses can gain many advantages from having this type of system. Companies in the service industry tend to get the most benefits from this add-on. Of course, it is important to have an advanced, functional system so that it can be transformed into positive feedback.

Why does the IVR generate customer confidence?

Humans do a lot of comparing when in our role as consumers. Truth be told, the IVR is something that most interact with quite a bit when communicating with a large and prestigious company. Banks, telephone services, insurance and other institutions operate with this system. This means that anyone who communicates with a company that has this, will understand at first that they are communicating with a company, at least a professional one. There are large companies that have forged their name and popularity based on having communication elements such as a good IVR. If the customer service is fast, quality and well conducted, the experience will be largely positive. In fact, having these systems in place is one of the things that enables timely and effective customer service. A company might not have physical offices or business premises, but if it has a good IVR, it will look like a fully constituted business. This is because the customer associates these systems with business communication, business emporiums, among others. In particular, projecting a professional communication generates the idea of professionalism. In turn, the latter generates trust in consumers. Finally, he who trusts buys.

Neotel has the most complete PBX virtual switchboard

Neotel’s main product is the PBX virtual PBX, which provides any company with the best customer service tools. With it, any entrepreneur can enhance customer service and marketing, two key elements for commercial success. In fact, the IVR is just one of the add-ons of our software, which guarantees very efficient technological solutions at an attractive cost. Anyone with a business can enjoy the service and choose the plan that best suits their needs. Our IVR is one of the reasons why companies hire the service more, however, the complements we offer are varied. To improve marketing, we have call launchers such as predictive dialer, bulk SMS sending platform, plugins for enterprise website, CRM and many other tools more. With Neotel, getting closer to your customers and selling more is much easier. No matter the type of business, its size or monetary availability, here we adapt to the client. Those who want to get more information about the service, can continue exploring our website, or contact us through the website or by phone.