Requirements to use VoIP telephony in my company or home

Continue reading to find out if you already have what you need to use IP telephony:

1-. Operator IP Telephony – Neotel

You need an IP telephony operator that will provide you with the line and a telephone number.

2-. Softphone, IP adapter or IP phone

As IP telephony makes use of VoIP technology you can use the landline from other mobile devices:

– Using computer / smartphone + installing a softphone application. You can use IP telephony via your computer or mobile device thanks to the installation of a softphone application.
– IP adapter linked to a traditional phone.
– VoIP phone. This is a phone specially designed for IP telephony. It offers the highest quality and takes advantage of all the advantages of IP telephony.

3-. Internet connection

IP telephony

If you have doubts about if you can use IP Telephony with your current Internet connection do not hesitate to ask us.

IP telephony

Any form of Internet connection is valid to use IP Telephony.

If you already have an Internet connection, you can start enjoying the benefits of IP telephony.

Without an Internet connection, however, it will never be possible to use this technology since, as we have said, it is based on the same technology for its operation. Previously with the traditional telephony when making the calls the voice was transmitted by cable. Now with VoIP telephony the voice is sent over the Internet.

Surely you already know the advantages of migrating to IP telephony in your company or home, right? And as of today already you know the requirements to be able to enjoy all the advantages that this technology offers:

– VoIP Operator: Neotel
– Softphone / IP Adapter / IP Phone
– An Internet connection

Take the final step towards IP Telephony!