Technology needed to set up a Call Center

With the following article of our blog we want to show some of the advantages of using call center or virtual pbx. The virtual pbx’s can be completed with various and different services.

Free calls between extensions

Communicate between different departments in your company for free with interextension calls.

Personalized music on hold

Prevent your customers from getting bored while waiting to get in touch with you.

IVR services in call center

Interactive Voice Response Service through which the caller navigates through different options until finally contacting the corresponding department.

With Neotel we can opt for a number with another location, port our number to the virtual pbx or use our usual number. ip telephony or virtual calls significantly reduce the cost of communications in our company.another great advantage is the price of calls made.

call center virtual

No installation or maintenance costs as the system is contracted in the cloud of the company that provides the service, these costs recur on behalf of the same. A virtual switchboard means a great saving to the company that wants to give a more professional image. The main advantage of a virtual call center is the savings it represents for the company.

You have already seen that there are many advantages offered by a call center or virtual switchboard

In order to use a virtual call center or switchboard you only need an Internet connection, since all services are stored in the cloud, this means savings for us as users of the virtual call center / switchboard.

telefonia ip

In addition, one of the main advantages of the call center is to answer calls from any device. you can use different extensions. also, the virtual switchboard Neotel is fully scalable being possible to increase or decrease the features and functionality of the same as our need. manages the calls of the company with the virtual switchboard Neotel.


virtual pbx

It is the best way of communication for a company, both with its customers and internally.



Virtual switchboards have become the best way to generate and retain customers.