Virtual PBX and Telework

Virtual PBX + Telework:

– Allows transfers
– You can use the extension of work anywhere on the planet
– The calls will do them with the number of head of the company, or the one that you decide
– It is necessary that the teleworker has an IP telephone or a device with Internet connection
– Receiving calls is free
– The cost of the calls is the same as being in the office
– The virtual switchboard allows teleworkers to use the phone from anywhere in the world

Virtual PBX

Calls to the teleworker are exactly the same as the rest of the office employees.

Making calls has no extra cost for the teleworker, no matter where in the world you are. You just need an Internet connection to work.

The PBX is in the cloud.

Possibility of using any telephone that is linked to the work unit. All you need is an IP phone or softphone or if not a computer with a network connection. That’s as simple as that.

Virtual PBX

Motives such as mobility and flexibility make more and more companies around the world bet on Telework. This is possible thanks to the Internet and all professional tools. And one of them is the virtual switchboard.