Inbound call statistics: Commercial and communicational success

Call center departments are much more than telemarketing and customer service. Some of them have high payrolls, state-of-the-art equipment and call center software and are only dedicated to customer service. To tell the truth, in the interaction with users lies a good part of the success if managers and coordinators know how to read between the lines. All the information can be found in the statistics of incoming calls.


incoming call statistics virtual pbx

Any commercial activity is basically an interaction between the one who offers and the one who demands something. Therefore, the communication that takes place between the company’s agent and the customer defines a good part of the commercial activity. All this only means that the efforts cannot be directed only to offer attention, but to attend well.

Call center: establishing effective communication

Any service company can open a customer service office with equipment and employees. However, this is only the beginning of strengthening the company’s image or gaining new customers. Many people pay for services to companies with inefficient contact centers and ultimately it drives them away.

Having a call center that provides inefficient and unempathetic service is synonymous with financial loss. Many managers don’t appreciate it, but there is a link between poor service and customer defection. To be honest, the strategy of many companies that position themselves as the competition of another is usually focused on customer service. Where there is a healthy discourse and communication, there is a greater chance of closing an affiliation.

There are two ways to know if the company is serving its customers well over the phone: monitoring and inbound call statistics. The first one allows to verify directly how the operators talk to the users. The second indicates how the flow of calls is and whether they are being handled effectively. In fact, the data on contacts can even help to improve customer service.

Advantages of verifying inbound call statistics

The first thing that can be checked with an inbound call statistics system is the margin of answered and missed calls. Having a high margin of missed communications implies that customers are waiting a long time to speak to an agent. Of course, this represents a very bad image for the company.  Something similar happens with people who are kept on hold.

This is another important factor, which is the operator’s call time. In any call center, the correct thing to do is to manage certain time averages for the effective attention of a request. There are specific cases that can always lengthen the call, but part of the efficiency has to do with the speed of resolution. Let’s think for a moment that the longer it takes an operator to finish with a customer, the higher the call queue traffic will be.

The main advantage of verifying and knowing how to interpret inbound call statistics is the organization of the work.  A call center can verify this type of data and redistribute the attention to the user. There are multiple strategies and all that is needed is to take a look at the dynamics of the calls. Fortunately, the advanced virtual PBX such as the one offered by Neotel allows to use this and other really useful work tools.