Neotel's distributors IP telephony

The advantages of being an IP telephony distributor

Companies and businesses are adapting to new human realities. Today there are much more open approaches that allow even people who are not officially part of a company to earn money with it. This is precisely what is happening with IP telephony distributors.

There is a way to be distributors selling products and services without the need to make an initial investment. This is a line of business typical of the collaborative economy and some companies have opened up to its benefits. The objective is to promote the expansion and sale of products with greater ease and fluidity.

IP telephony distributors: generating easy income


distributors of IP telephony

IP telephony is booming and although it is not a new product, many do not know about it. To tell the truth, this is a technology that generates savings and efficiency in the business environment. Paying the phone bill to a large telephone company is not the same as calling using the Internet connection.

IP resellers are basically the broadcasters of an innovative technology. Their job is to show business owners and companies that there is a better way to communicate. If, for example, a friend is starting a new business, the reseller can offer newer and cheaper equipment to do so.

This is a booming market because not all businesses have upgraded. In fact, there are many companies with old call centers or communication systems. This is because there is no concrete knowledge of the advantages of migrating to VoIP telephony.

The commission scheme

The distribution of products has always involved an initial investment for those who get into these businesses. Since the collaborative economy, the plans have changed to guarantee profits to all participants. Thus, some companies offer the possibility for salespeople outside the company to look for new customers.

The concept is practical and is based on having people who can make new sales. In exchange for this service, the company pays commissions for each closed deal. The best thing about this scheme is that people can generate extra income without spending money.

This can be a great opportunity for people who have many contacts and know how to sell. Those who work with consulting or with a portfolio of companies can also benefit from VoIP distribution. The company can also gain a lot because it increases the possibility of selling the call center software service.

Neotel resellers

Neotel offers commissions for each customer that generates revenue from its IP telephony resellers. As long as these users maintain the virtual PBX service, the reseller will keep an income. The company provides all the necessary equipment and technical support.

Resellers simply interact with potential customers and close sales. The more contracts that are closed, the higher the profits. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent opportunity to generate an extra income.