Private label PBX and other businesses you can do with Neotel

Communications companies that offer virtual PBX work with commercial companies, call center departments, banks and similar businesses. However, some companies have promotions and services that allow others to sell VoIP telephony services, as is the case of Neotel. This can be a great opportunity for many, because it enables the creation of private initiative.

Nowadays it is possible to start one’s own business with small investments. The figure of the intermediary has become popular and is often of benefit to large companies and also to private individuals. The goal: to generate more customers and for everyone involved to gain something.

White label PBX: create your own VoIP telephony company

The white label PBX is a commercial line created by Neotel for people who want to make their own VoIP telephony company. Entrepreneurs simply create their company and offices to offer the services offered by the communication company. In short, they acquire all the equipment, facilities and programs they need to extend the call center software services to others.


private label pbx

The entrepreneur basically extends Neotel’s services to his clients but under his own company name. He simply acquires facilities to negotiate with other companies, generating economic gains. The new company becomes a wholesaler easily, quickly and with a fairly moderate investment. It does not matter where in the world the person who hires this service is located.

The entrepreneur also acquires a White Label PBX Software with which he can operate. This not only allows to offer VoIP telephony services to other companies, but also to generate other businesses. For example, it is feasible to help other companies to create their customer services or even offer this type of service as an outsourced company.

Another option is the IP telephony distributors

If, on the other hand, the person does not want to create a company and does not have capital, he/she can also be an IP telephony distributor. The only thing to do in this case is to contact Neotel and request a permit to work as an intermediary. The person becomes a salesperson who offers IP telephony and VoIP PBX service to other companies. This is very similar to what catalog vendors do, but with more profitable returns.

IP telephony resellers can offer the service to any company and make money by basically being a middleman. Those who have worked in this way with other products usually have many contacts, which is usually an advantage. Individuals do not need to make an investment and simply become multipliers of the service. For each new customer a profit is established and Neotel takes care of the installations and equipment.

With the white label PBX and IP telephony distributors can generate a stable income. Entrepreneurs and freelancers have an excellent option in these two lines of business offered by Neotel.