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Sending mass sms to cell phones as a marketing strategy

The use of text messaging as a marketing medium is making waves. Projections indicate that this technology is effective in reaching more customers. Sending mass SMS to cell phones is positioning itself as the perfect strategy for sales and user loyalty.

The use of text messages is paying good dividends in times of email marketing. The popularity of the Smartphone among users allows this format to remain in use. Its immediacy and simplicity are advantageous attributes to develop advertising techniques. Companies with an SMS sending platform have a great advantage over their competitors.

SMS marketing: an old concept with new strategies


send sms to phones massively

The impact of text messages in advertising has generated a new trend: SMS marketing. Numerous researches made by consulting firms confirm the effectiveness of this resource for advertising. Sending bulk SMS allows reaching customers and users for many reasons.

Today it is known that the opening and retention rates of SMS advertisements are around 98%. In addition, the message is read quickly by users, just three minutes after being sent. Another important fact is that this medium guarantees a significant percentage of visits to the company’s website. This is guaranteed by the placement of links that lead to these sites.

It is worth noting that smartphone use is central to consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to several consulting firms, more than 55% of purchases are made after the buyer used their cell phone to research or finalize their decision. That is why bulk SMS for companies is a marketing advantage.

Send bulk SMS to cell phones with Neotel

Neotel offers an advanced module for sending bulk SMS. The system works in an automated way with the customer data that the company has. Simply write the text message and send it to the selected phone numbers.

Through this module you can send bulk SMS to cell phones with embedded links. In this way, the customer can be taken to the web page or any other desired site. In addition, the system allows to have a control of the SMS that have been sent. Likewise, this complement to the virtual PBX also generates communication analysis statistics.

Sending mass SMS to cell phones and knowing the results of the campaigns is possible thanks to this advanced module. Companies can acquire this automated system and incorporate it into third-party call center software. It is not necessary to contract the entire Neotel service to have this innovative application. The integration is seamless.

Entering the world of sms marketing to boost your business opportunities is now possible. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent alternative to reach the user. Today’s call center software goes far beyond telephone management.