Finding the right call center management software

Neotel’s call center management software is much more than you might first think.

Neotel call center software gives you complete call metrics in real time

Neotel also offers as a complement to the call center management software the premium recordings with which customers have an exclusive service of call recordings with a capacity of up to 1 TB and without erasing the information.

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With the Monitoring functionality included in our virtual pbx, the administrators or managers of the call center can spy in real time the open calls with clients in order to whisper any information that is important to the agent during the call he is making.

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Call monitoring is very useful within a call center. Neotel offers you a very complete list of tools, all of them integrated within our app-ecosystem, for the monitoring of calls within your call center, these are just some of the features that a call center administrator should look for for his professional call center software.


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Not having the best call center software is going to affect the quality of the work that is done every day in the call center.