Business advertisements? Send bulk SMS to cell phones

Many companies have problems projecting their advertisements and messages in an effective and interesting way. This is a very common drawback in new ventures. Having a good database makes it possible to reach users and the Internet is not exactly the best solution in this case. In contrast, sending bulk SMS to cell phones is usually much more effective.

SMS seems like a technology from the beginning of the millennium but it is still very popular. People still pay attention to text messages. That’s why the latest virtual PBX services offer modules that support this technology. Many companies continue to send advertisements to their customers via text messaging and get good interaction and results.

Bulk SMS for businesses: reaching broad audiences


send bulk sms to cell phones

The largest telephone companies are well aware of the power of sending bulk SMS to mobiles. Consumers’ eyes are on the Internet and social networks, but also on the smartphone. Sending text messages means being literally at the customers’ fingertips. Any type of message can be spread via this channel, which is also useful for getting users where you want them to go.

It has been proven that email marketing is not as effective because not all people open business emails. In addition, call launchers, although necessary, do not allow contact with all customers. No matter how many modules are used, such as signaling that allows the use of reliable telephone prefixes for the customer, not everyone will answer the calls. Recorded messages are useful but never as effective as an SMS sending platform.

All users and consumers have their eyes on the Internet and social networks but also on the Smartphone. This is one of the factors that gives validity to text messaging as a way of communicating various business messages. Added to this, its effectiveness has motivated other companies to keep using this medium. Therefore, people have become accustomed to check the messaging understanding that they will find important information in it.

SMS sending platform: Virtual PBX module

Those who contract VoIP PBX services and use IP telephony services can request a bulk SMS module for companies. Everything is handled from the call center software and the process is usually very simple and automatic. For example, Neotel has a service that is easy to integrate with any management program used by the contracting company.

The best thing about this service is that the sending is controlled and the messages are elaborated through easy-to-use templates. The mailings are sent to large lists of cell phones and it records statistics that indicate the success of the mailing and the message. This allows in some way to improve the elaboration of future notifications.

The open rate of the SMS sending platform is very successful compared to other media. This is a statistic that measures the percentage of people who have opened the text message and read the information. Therefore, it is recommended that companies acquire this type of solution to promote better communication with their customers.