How and why hire a professional voice-over service?

Having a call center controlled by a virtual pbx is just the first step to serve your customers. Behind the best companies there is a well thought out and articulated system to make customer service part of the brand. Call center services are a fundamental part of the image projected by the company. In that order of ideas, it is essential to hire a professional voice-over service.

All companies have voices that characterize them and end up being a central element of the brand. Although their speeches are recorded, they usually have a huge validity and have a positive effect on users and customers. But… What is a professional voice-over service? How is it hired?

What is a professional voice-over service?

Today’s call center services have modules that manage customer service from the moment the customer dials. For this purpose, companies place a module called Interactive Voice Response, better known as IVR. From this, a programmed operator welcomes the customer and leads him through options that he will dial using his numeric keypad.

The IVR voice is basically a recording made by professional voice talent at best. This is precisely what a professional voice over service does, which will record the messages that the contracting company wants for its call center. Of course, this is a job that cannot be done by just anyone if an optimal, empathetic result and clear voiceovers are desired.

The professional voice-over service is composed of speakers but also of consultants for the construction of the message. The company that hires the service provides the experts with material and ideas to achieve the right messages. The service is offered by a communications and call center software company such as Neotel.

Hiring a professional voice-over service

Professional voice-over services are a vital element in building a company’s image. This is so true that some of the most prestigious companies manage to hire famous speakers or artists to perform this task. However, a good quality job can be achieved with a much more moderate investment.

With a professional voice-over service, all kinds of management and loyalty messages can be worked on. A menu of options can be created in different languages and translations can also be done. This will also depend on the experience of the communications company hired. Narrations can also be recorded and launched on calls to customers using the robot call module.

Professional voice-over services can be cost-effective and guarantee a quality result. It is important to know this, because there are companies that offer this work at exorbitant prices. Many companies pay them because of the lack of knowledge about this type of work. Therefore, it is a priority to look for companies with experience and prestige in call center software services.