How to choose the best VoIP PBX?

Not all providers offer the same services at the pbx voip level. That is why we must look at the companies that advertise this type of technology and study them well before contracting with any of them.


virtual pbx

Neotel offers to all its customers who contract with us the virtual pbx a series of modules among which stand out:

  • Click to call me back.
  • Virtual fax.
  • Telemarketing surveys.
  • Monitoring.
  • Incoming call statistics.
  • Signaling.

What a VoIP PBX provider should have

Voip pbx functionalities bring direct benefits to the productivity of the company. all people like to be attended to as quickly and efficiently as possible when they call. The pbx voip switchboard improves the quality of our customer service in our company. Given the competition that exists, companies must offer the best pbx voip service to the public if they expect to get the largest number of customers.

Voicemail, call forwarding and queuing

Voice mailboxes allow you to leave a message to the caller when their call could not be answered, with call forwarding agents can transfer them without them hanging up. For example, when a customer calls us, he accesses an operator who is not the right person to take care of his problem. Thanks to the possibility that agents have of transferring calls between themselves that call will never be lost. The waiting lines are a fantastic solution to when a person calls us and all operators are busy answering calls. In this case, the caller goes to what is called the queue, while listening to a music until some agent is available and can answer your call.

Options Menu

Before choosing which company we are going to choose to contract our future communications service through the pbx voip it would be good to review these details and see that the company in question complies with all of them.