Integrate virtual switchboard with third party software

The ability to integrate virtual pbx with third party software is still unknown in many call centers. Most departments handle different applications totally disconnected from each other. Currently, some communications companies offer mechanisms for software integration, which makes things easier.


integrate virtual pbx with 3rd party software

This capacity involves developing digital work tools that are easier and faster to use. In the contact centers of the past everything used to be very disconnected. Having a single space in which calls are made, claims are processed and business is now possible.

The web socket: a solution that few exploit

Using a web socket allows you to create a space where the applications you use to work are integrated. For example, a small company can have a management tool, an accounting tool and also one for making calls. With the integration, what is achieved is to be able to use the functions of all from a common space.

One of the biggest problems that many call centers have is that their applications are not integrated. This can be a problem when the company moves from physical applications to virtual switchboard. For this reason, many companies do not make the leap to this technology that allows everything to be stored on the Internet safely and without complicated installations.

The web stocket is a connector for virtual switchboard. From its use, the customer service department can advance technologically without stopping using their usual applications. Neither the workers nor the work undergoes major changes and the company can open up to the facilities offered by storage and services hosted in the cloud.

Integrating virtual pbx with third-party software is vital

Adapting companies to the arrival of the virtual switchboard is necessary. Thanks to this system, data can be stored in the cloud, instead of using physical servers. The latter, constitutes a great monetary saving for the companies.

On the other hand, this type of call center software allows business communication that exceeds the limits of the service department. Today, company tele-operators can attend from the comfort of their home and with their own devices. So, being essential the update from the virtual switchboard, the important thing is to make the process as less traumatic as possible.

Precisely, integrating virtual switchboard with third party software allows a migration that does not affect the service. Many communication companies offer the virtual switchboard, but not all of them allow integration with the programs regularly used by each company. For example, one of the companies that do guarantee application integration is Neotel.

Therefore, it is essential to migrate to a virtual switchboard with a company that knows how to integrate applications. The modernization of the call center and customer service is guaranteed when it is well thought out.