Progressive dialer: The evolution of call center software

If you have a telephone exchange with many agents you will know that there is a lot of time lost by the search of telephone numbers in each campaign, even human error can lead to dialing wrong numbers, skipping clients or calling two (or more times the same number) so the progressive dialer is the solution to your problems.

What is Neotel’s progressive dialer?
The progressive dialer is an automatic sequential caller; that is, it performs dialing and routing directly to the agent.
It is an automated system that first allows you to associate all the phone numbers to be called in a phone campaign and then the ability to call the assigned number when an agent is available.

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Advantages of the progressive dialer
This system is perfect for familiarizing yourself with call center software because it allows easy use by the agent.
The time between calls is shorter, as the system identifies when the agent is on hold.
An ideal system for call centers with small to moderate volumes of customers making management more effective.
The system detects events during calls and assigns the available and suitable client to be communicated with the agent.
More effective calls
In the progressive call mode, the agent does not intervene to make calls, these are made automatically, the difference is that the consumer answers, the agent to this online.
When the system is well planned and programmed it is very productive, efficient and direct with excellent results, discriminating the call response (faxes, voice mails and numbers that do not exist)
Agents’ stress levels are reduced, making calls more productive, efficient and effective
The progressive mode is ideal for sales campaigns.
Why choose the progressive dialer?

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The progressive dialer is part of Neotel’s call center software system that includes the best virtual pbx available on the market.
In addition to including progressive dialing they include other benefits such as call recording, script and statistics module.
Best of all, Neotel does not require permanence contracts, initial investment, software installation, flat rates per call and only pays per agent.
Neotel’s progressive launcher provides telemarketers with a great tool to streamline their tasks, also facilitates record loading and control of call times.

progressive dialer
Operators can use the current call environment and when connected can write log notes, schedule a redial or dial the result of this call. (No answer, don’t want the service, wrong number).
Progressive call scheduling: The competitive advantage
To use the Progressive Launcher we can select
– Automatic mode consists in that every time there is an agent available the system launches the call automatically, and when the tele-operator picks up the card of the called client is opened.
– Manual mode It only makes the call when the operator gives the order, at this moment it visualizes the client’s card.