Secure hiring of the best call center software on the market

Nowadays the communication between clients, companies and job candidates is done by phone, despite several updates nothing has been able to surpass the point to point communication, so for your company to be successful you must have the best call center software available and today we offer you the best available in the market.

What is call center software?


call center software / virtual pbx

The call center software is a customer service management service that allows to have control of outgoing calls and incoming calls in a virtual way.

The call center software as a web application is integrated to an Asterisk telephone switchboard to offer services in order to facilitate the integration and management of voice and data.

Neotel is the best pbx in the market for Software Call Centers, with different modules to create digital marketing campaigns.

Why choose Neotel’s call center software?

The competitive advantages with this call center software are unbeatable, you will improve your business procedures in the blink of an eye.

Neotel with this call center software offers you:

  • Easy to use
  • No software installation required
  • No initial cost
  • Costs are per number of agents
  • Flat rates for calls
  • No permanence contract required
  • Easy to use for the user


call center software rates

More advantages of this call center software

For users and coordinators, individual users with passwords are offered in an intuitive web panel with web launchers where they stand out:

  1. Progressive launchers:

Streamlines tasks by facilitating the loading of records and call control, offers the ability to make notes and schedule a subsequent call

  1. Predictive Launchers

Allows to speed up the time at the time of calls, the operator should not waste time looking for to make manual dialing

  1. Robot Call

Allows to speed up the time at the time of calls, the operator should not waste time looking for to make manual dialing

Call center software plans

Neotel offers 3 different packages where the differences between them are found in the types of server, agents and agent licenses, call channels, third party verifier, call recordings among others.

Each Neotel call center software package includes the following for free:

  • WebRTC
  • Video calls
  • Progressive and predictive dialer
  • Lead sheet
  • Call recording
  • Customizable scripts
  • Statistics module
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar
  • SMS Campaign
  • Spy and Whisper Monitoring

Secrets of this call center software

The global software solution that allows maximum performance, a customer service that can be adapted to your needs and immediate access to your business information.

This CRM – Software Call Center by Neotel allows you to increase productivity, improve service and obtain better results from your call center.

Call-Center services start with telephony. We use VoIP technology based on Internet lines with very competitive prices.