Every day more work systems enjoy the IP Telephony

From Neotel we work every day to be aware of the latest technologies related to Telecommunications and thus continue being the leading provider of Telecommunications nationwide and offering IP Telephony services worldwide. We help companies to be more productive thanks to IP Telephony and every day are more who enjoy the services of Neotel. Contact our department. Customer Service and request information on IP Telephony without any commitment.

The main advantages of IP Telephony over other systems is the saving of money that is the same compared to other alternatives and thanks to this technology we can increase the productivity of agents. In order to install IP Telephony, only an Internet connection is required; Regardless of the operator we use, IP Telephony always saves money.

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IP Telephony refers to the telephone communication system that uses protocols or Internet data to make calls. Also called VoIP (or IP Voice), this technology makes telephony more powerful, cheap, flexible and accessible.