IP Telephony: Reinventing telephony, creating a universe of possibilities

Many wonder what are the advantages of having IP telephony, and the truth is that these benefits are increasingly large, while providing a specific service that adapts to the needs and requirements of each of the companies responsible for working in the field of telemarketing or customer service.


One of the many advantages offered by IP telephony is that it does not need cables or specific hardware, so it works from a data network in order to reduce the costs of installation, operation and maintenance of these devices.

IP telephony is here to stay for a long time, standing out from traditional telephony thanks to the multiple functions it offers that have generated, without a doubt, a great revolution in the world of telecommunications.



Which companies and what services can IP telephony cover?


The truth of IP telephony is that it has great versatility, which provides various services that serve different sectors and aspects. Everything will always depend on what the person in charge of the company requires, knowing perfectly its internal functioning.


IP telephony is mainly characterized by having a virtual number, which is similar to the traditional one, except that it is not associated with fixed lines, and which has as a fundamental advantage the ability to divert calls that come from all types of lines independently. if they are mobile, fixed or IP.


From the multiple benefits of the use of IP telephony, we can rescue its functionalities ascribed to intelligent management and that, in addition, gives the possibility of generating various statistical reports, with which you can create important data about the calls you have received or accomplished.