Types of dialer dialing: solutions in your hands

The dialer has become an important tool for companies or companies that want to make a large number of calls or messages, referring to a specific campaign in order to negotiate with a product or service, or simply provide information regarding these.


Here we bring you some of the options that the dialer brings and that Neotel has designed for you, which will surely serve to incorporate them as your right hand within the company. It is necessary to clarify, that you must choose them according to the basic needs of your company, so that they acquire a useful and adequate use, optimal to provide any service.


What types of autodialer or dialer exist in Neotel?


The options of dialer with which you can find in Neotel, are the automatic dialing, the progressive dialing, the predictive dialing and the preview.


The option of automatic dialing, on the other hand, consists of sending constant calls by configuring a specific broadcast frequency that you can control as manager of the operation of your company.

The progressive dialing (another of the options of the dialer system), is activated according to the availability of the agents and allows the system is pending which telemarketer is free to transmit the corresponding call.

Predictive dialing, on the other hand, optimizes the contact ratio, through the release of statistical data during the call, which allows to statistically predict the moment in which an operator will be free, and even, with the results that it throws, will be able to know how much Success will have such a call.


As you can tell, the dialer is very complete and will allow at all times to provide efficiency and success to the tasks performed by its teleoperators, positioning your company within the market.